Africa House Project Platform

Through a special agreement with UAE-based Ventures ONSITE – a product of Ventures Middle East – The Africa House Project Platform enables subscribers to accurately track  African projects across a broad array of sectors.

The Ventures platform has been developed and adapted over several years and it provides a reliable database platform through which Africa House can provide ongoing project information to our subscriber base.

Keep track of African business

Through the Africa House Project Platform, our subscribers are able to keep ahead with intelligence on greenfield and brownfield projects across sub-Saharan Africa. From any location across the globe one can regularly log in for new additions and updates on projects in countries across West Africa through East Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Countries covered include the following African trade and project hotspots:

  • Mozambique: In addition to the Mozambique LNG project, Africa’s largest project ever, taking place in the north of the country, there are various ancillary opportunities for infrastructure development in both the public and private sector.

  • Namibia and Botswana: These two stable and fast developing countries on South Africa’s northern borders are both rich with opportunities in the gas, rail, mining, logistics, ICT, health and agricultural sectors.

  • Lesotho: The tiny mountain kingdom has long had a thriving mining industry, focusing on diamonds, base metals and uranium. Another more recent and significant development is the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP).

  • eSwatini: Agricultural projects are an integral part of eSwatini’s development. Tourism is one of the country’s biggest foreign exchange earners and there are always new projects underway in this sector.

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: This vast country is rich in opportunity in almost every sector, from mining to utilities and power, and infrastructure development (both public and private).

  • Rwanda: This southern-central African country has established itself as one of the continent’s ICT powerhouses and also boasts numerous projects in the infrastructure, energy and agriculture sectors.

  • Uganda is benefitting from substantial investment in oil, gas and other energy projects, with the Lake Albert oil projects due to come on stream in 2021.

  • Senegal is a thriving destination for oil and gas projects, together with several other industries.

  • Côte d’Ivoire is one of West Africa’s largest and most robust economies, with plenty of ongoing opportunities in mining, infrastructure, energy and more.

Additional benefits of the Africa House Project Platform

The platform allows users to track projects across sub-Saharan Africa, providing vital insights for African export strategy development. The Africa House research team is adding and updating projects on a daily basis, with over 120 projects being added monthly. The system is user-friendly and allows users to tag and share projects of interest, set reminders for follow up and maintain a personalised record of projects of interest. Each project record contains the contact details of key stakeholders and developers.

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