Bespoke Research

Africa House provides bespoke research to companies, organisations and Trade Promotion Organisations focused specifically on the African trade, project and investment environment. The company has established itself as a leader in the field, serving a wide range of African and international clients.

Africa House has, through a constant process of review, refined its research methodologies to provide each client with practical and incisive information, analysis and intelligence. Through this process the company has managed to not only add value to each client’s specific requirements, but to do so in a cost-effective manner.

With the team’s intimate knowledge and understanding of African business gained over 25 years of doing business and travelling across the continent, Africa House has assisted over 500 companies and organisations with the development of their business in Africa. The team has key competencies in the construction, mining, oil & gas, energy, transport infrastructure, general industrial, services, agricultural, textile, clothing, FMCG and consumer goods sectors. In addition, through the development of in-house databases, the company is well placed to assist with project development across Africa, particularly for companies wishing to supply goods or services into the broader built environment value chain, including ‘pit to port’ developments.

All research is proposal driven and tailored to specific client requirements. Within this framework specific research products available include, but are not limited to: