Africa House

is a research & consulting company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Working exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa, we offer insight and access into the African trade and project environment through the provision of intelligence on projects and bespoke research on opportunities in markets.

We provide:


On-going research and intelligence on greenfield and brownfield projects to a dedicated subscriber base


Market and partner identification, export strategy development and commercial feasibility


To the world’s fastest growing markets through a team that has worked in 30 countries across the continent over a period spanning 30 years


Into what is driving the continent going forward and targeting regions of high opportunity going forward.


Register to download our monthly WHISPERINGS: Business Insights from Africa which aims to provide snippets of intelligence which, although at an early stage, could result in business opportunities at a later date or provide insights into strategy.

We hope you enjoy reading it.


After submitting your details, you will be directed to a link enabling you to download a PDF brochure, providing all the information for the Group Visit to Tanzania.

Please call Roelof van Tonder 082 573 1639, should you have any further queries.