African Project Intelligence and Subscriptions

The Africa House Subscription is designed to assist companies looking to develop their business in sub-Saharan Africa, by providing accurate, up-to-date African project intelligence and opportunities to network with and learn from companies and executives engaged in doing business in Africa.

Our subscription offering has been refined over the last 22 years to ensure that we stay ahead of developments and maintain our position as a market leader in providing early alert on greenfield and brownfield projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Our subscriber base consists of over 170 companies and organisations across the project value-chain.

What you Get:

Access to the Africa House Project Platform:
Our subscription service is specifically designed to alert subscribers to greenfield and brownfield project opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • The platform is rich in features and allows easy search and access to project data, tracking of projects and access through a mobile or web-based app
  • The platform is a strategic tool to assist with market prioritisation and development
  • Projects are added and updated on a daily basis.
  • Browse over 4,500 projects at various stages of conception and development.
  • Combined project value of in excess US$1.6 trillion.

Roundtables and Workshops
In addition to providing valuable African research, insights and intelligence, our interactive roundtables and workshops provide subscribers with a unique opportunity to network with other companies who have a common interest in developing business on the continent, expanding opportunities for African exports, and reducing the cost and risk associated with doing business in Africa.

  • Sectoral Focus: Regular sector specific roundtable discussions on projects for subscribers where invited guest speakers provide on-the-ground insight into specific project developments.
  • Country focus: Country specific roundtable discussions on projects and opportunities in specific African markets.
  • Issue focus: Workshops and briefings on specific topics of interest.

Electronic Publications

  • A Weekly Bulletin which provides a brief summary of Africa relevant news for the week.
  • Insights & Access: Notes from Africa: This is a monthly publication which covers, amongst other items, new and upcoming projects, whisperings on market developments, and a listing of key Africa-related contacts.
Sectoral Focus
An Africa House subscription allows you to target industry sectors most relevant to your company so you never miss an African opportunity. Sectors covered on the project platform and via the various sectoral focus groups include:
  • Power: Almost all sub-Saharan African countries have a need for increased electricity generating capacity. This includes renewable solutions where there is a great deal of project activity taking place.
  • Mining: Africa is rich in precious metals and other minerals. Some countries have well-established mining industries offering opportunities for new developments, refurbishment and ongoing operational supplies. There are still countries where mineral resources remain virtually untapped and which offer greenfield opportunities.
  • Ports and Rail: Port and rail projects have the potential to accelerate and intensify intra-African trade and the development of transport infrastructures is key in creating an enabling environment for implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
  • Oil and Gas: Fossil fuels and natural gas developments are a key driver of Africa’s growth and development.
  • Hotels and Commercial Property: In the long term, the continent offers incredible opportunities as the tourism sector rebounds after COVID-19 and projects supporting African urbanisation continue.
  • Water and Sanitation: The need for clean water and adequate sanitation has always been a pressing issue across Africa and one which has been highlighted during the COVID-19 crisis. Water and sanitation projects will receive increased support from investors and donors in a post-COVID environment.
  • Health: Going forward, health projects will be focused on capacity building, training, provision of PPE and the development of hospitals and clinics.
  • Agriculture: The agricultural potential of Africa is vast, and the sector will continue to develop as the continent needs to feed a growing population and agri-exports continue to grow.
  • ICT: Africa has an energetic start-up community that has been boosted by the Covid-related move to e-Commerce and which has benefited fintech companies. The continent is starting to see the development of smart cities, which is driving the demand for tech and data-driven solutions and innovation.
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For further information on our subscription service, please submit your details on the form below and we will get back to you. Alternatively you can send a mail to