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Our subscription service is specifically designed to alert subscribers to greenfield and brownfield project opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa and provides a unique opportunity to network with other companies who have a common interest in developing business on the continent reducing the cost and risk associated with doing business in Africa.

Why Subscribe?

Your subscription runs annually and as a subscriber you are entitled to the following:

Project database

Our subscribers access the Africa House project database through an on-line portal. The portal is rich in features and allows easy search and access to project data, tracking of projects and access through a smartphone or web based app . Projects are added to the database on a daily basis. The subscription allows access for 3 users.

Project Template Example:

October 2018


NAME of PROJECT: Symbion Lake Kivu Gas-Fired Power Plant

LOCATION: Lake Kivu, Rwanda





SCOPE: The project calls for the development of a 56 MW Methane Gas-Fired Power Plant in Lake Kivu, Rwanda. They are also currently upgrading an existing methane gas power plant situated on the lake from 8 MW production to 25 MW. The plant was producing 3.6 MW but is currently not producing. Funding for the 56 MW plant will be raised through equity. The project should be launched at the end of October 2018.

FINANCIAL & OTHER PARTIES: Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Symbion Energy (Symbion Power LLC). Symbion Power Lake Kivu Ltd (subsidiary of Symbion Power LLC).


28/09/2018: Symbion Power of the USA will be developing a 56 MW Methane Gas-Fired Power Plant in Lake Kivu, Rwanda.

ANCILLARY INFORMATION: 55 billion cubic metres of dissolved methane gas was found at a depth of 300 metres.


NAME:                            Mr Gill

DESIGNATION:              Contracts Manager

ORGANISATION:           Symbion Power

CITY:                               Kigali

COUNTRY:                      Rwanda

TELEPHONE:                   XXXX XXXXX

E-MAIL  :                          XXXX XXXXX


Electronic Publications

  • A Weekly Bulletin which provides a brief summary of Africa relevant news.
  • Insights & Access: Notes from Africa: This is a monthly publication which covers amongst other items:
    • New and upcoming projects
    • Whisperings on market developments
    • Listing of key Africa-related contacts identified during the month
    • Commodity watch
    • Travel advisory
    • Africa events

Africa Group Visit reports on request: These reports detail the Africa House visits to markets and include a summary of key meetings with contact details.

Roundtables and Workshops

  • Sectoral Focus:
    • Sector specific roundtable discussions on projects for subscribers and special invited guests
    • Generally host three sector focus roundtables per month
  • Country focus:
    • Country specific roundtable discussions on projects and opportunities in specific African markets
  • Issue focus:
    • Workshops and briefings on specific topics of interest such as leasing finance or trends in housing development across Africa

Invitations to meet with in-coming with incoming international business delegations focused on doing business in Africa