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Africa House has entered into a joint venture with Southern Mapping to create a geospatial representation of the Africa House project database. Each dot on the Map below represents a unique project and for each project the following data is listed: Location, sector, sub-sector, value, stage in the project cycle, description, key contacts and other ancillary information. There are currently over 1000 projects on the system and some 50 projects are added monthly.

Key features of the new mapping product include:

  • Ability to search project data by sector, location, name, stage in project cycle, Apex Project (e.g.: LAPSSETT Corridor), value etc.
  • South African projects are now included
  • The database will be updated on a weekly basis so you will no longer have to wait for the end of the month for the project updates
  • The product works on all handheld devices such as a smart phone or a tablet
  • You can still print project templates
  • This is only the beginning – once we have established the initial structure we have a number of ideas to enhance functionality and value

Please click on the link to see a sample of this product:


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Africa House Subscribers: Additional fees for more than 3 subscriber users (inclusive of 14% VAT)
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Subscription + USD 195 Subscription + USD 950 Subscription + USD 950 +

USD 80 for each additional user


Non-Subscriber who only want use of the mapping service  (inclusive of 14% VAT)
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3 users

Total fee for

4-6 users

Total fee for

7 – 15 users

15 or more  users
USD 850 USD 1,100 USD 1,800 USD 1,800 + USD 80 for each additional user


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