Insights & Access: Notes From Africa

NO 288 May 2019

In this Edition

  • Contract Awarded for the Construction of Cabinda Refinery, Angola
  • Government to Expand National Fibre-Optic Backbone Network, Botswana
  • Plans to Construct Waste Treatment Plant, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Construction of Malting Factory, Ethiopia
  • Government Launches New National Backbone Infrastructure Project, Ethiopia
  • Funding Received for the Provision of Machinery for National Agriculture Sector, Ghana
  • Construction Commences of Comland’s Warehouse, Ghana
  • Kisumu County to Establish ICT Park, Kenya
  • B2Gold Corporation Announces Positive Results from Expansion Study of Fekola Mine, Mali
  • Government Approves Oil & Gas Exploration Contracts, Mozambique
  • FAO Plans to Launch Forestry Project, Mozambique
  • MTC Begins Expansion of its 3G Network, Namibia
  • Contract Signed for Construction of Power Plant, Nigeria
  • FID Concluded for Development of Assa North/Ohaji South Oil & Gas Fields (ANOH), Nigeria
  • FEED Study of Tongo Diamond Project Nearing Completion, Sierra Leone
  • Construction of Pharmaceutical Plant in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
  • City of Johannesburg Launches Housing Programme, South Africa
  • Loan Received for the Upgrade & Expansion of Dar Es Salaam City Sewage System, Tanzania
  • Contractor Awarded for Construction of Oil Roads, Uganda
  • Construction Underway of Kafulafuta Dam, Zambia
  • Agreement Signed to Build New Platinum Mine, Zimbabwe
  • Financial Support Received for the Construction of Power Transmission Lines from Nigeria to Burkina Faso

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