Insights & Access: Notes From Africa

NO 275 April 2018

In this Edition

  • Completion of Financial Work for Chobe-Zambezi Water Transfer Project, Botswana
  • Explorative Drilling Results Show Deposits of Gold, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Plans to Construct Dry Ports, Ethiopia
  • Cashew Development Plan Launched, Ghana
  • Joint Venture Agreement Signed for the Development of the Lokichar-Lamu Pipeline, Kenya
  • Government set to Construct Medical School and Hospital, Kenya
  • Funding Received for Mozambique–Malawi Electricity Interconnector Project
  • Suricate Minerals to Develop Quartz, Barite, Lithium, Copper and Gold Prospects, Mauritania
  • Plans to Construct Waste Heat Power Plant, Namibia
  • Joint Venture Agreement signed to establish Automobile Assembly Plant at Walvis Bay, Namibia
  • Explorative Drilling of Helikon Lithium Project, Namibia
  • Plans to Upgrading Old Refineries, Nigeria
  • Plans to Auction 700MHz And 2600MZz Frequency Bands, Nigeria
  • Plans to Construct East Africa Biomedical Engineering Institute (EABEI), Rwanda
     Construction Underway of Airport, Sierra Leone
  • Construction of Houghton Hotel, South Africa
  • Plans to Develop Multi-Sports Facility, South Africa
  • Construction Underway of Office and Retail Development, South Africa
  • Plans to Implement East African Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP)
  • Chinese Government to Establish Transport University, Tanzania
  • Nakigalala Area Along Kampala-Entebbe Expressway to host Satellite City, Uganda
  • Plans to Develop Platinum Mine and Refinery, Zimbabwe
  • Plans to Construct Railway Line Along Central Corridor

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